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TrimPro Automatik XL / Large

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Part Number: 800804
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To respond to the needs of larger producers, the TrimPro Automatik XL without the top cylinder has a capacity and productivity ratio 5 times greater than its baby brother, the Trimpro Automatik. The fluted design of the grate facilitates the plants movement. When combined with the dimmer on the motor regulating the whirlwind velocity plus the height adjustable six (6) blade assembly, the operator is always in full and precise control of the Automatik XL. The finished product for trimming will separate the fresh flowers from the branches, put them into the upper container of the trimmer and let the Trimpro Automatik XL do the rest. The TrimPro Automatik XL/No Top comes without the top cylinder which makes it more powerful than the original. The TrimPro Automatik XL/Small has a different grate with smaller slots (standard large version 7/16 in wide slots, small version 1/4 in wide slots). Stand is included. 800806 and 800808 are special order only.