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Titan Controls Kronus 2 - Temperature & Humidity Controller

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The Kronus 2® controls temperature, humidity and CO2 in your grow area at your preferred settings. The Kronus 1® activates an exhaust fan, A/C or dehumidifier if the temperature or humidity exceeds the preferred setting. Plug your exhaust fan or A/C into the ’Exhaust Fan Output’ to control your temperature, and plug your dehumidifier into the ‘Dehumidify Output’ to keep your humidity in check. The software polls temperature and humidity settings for ten minutes after the CO2 is defeated to verify that the conditions are too high, then activates your equipment to lower the conditions below your settings. If your conditions drop below the set point during the 10 minute 'CO2 Delay', then the ventilation process is defeated and the 'CO2 ON' outlet is reactivated, saving your valuable CO2 and keeping it amongst the plants. The Kronus 2 will increase product yield by creating the perfect environment for your plants! The "Highlighted Grow Zones" are easy to understand and easy to use. 5 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz. 3 year warranty included.