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RootMaker Container 5 Gallon(50/Pack)

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Prevent root wrapping with the RootMaker Container! All RootMaker® containers prevent unproductive root wrapping by directing your plant's roots to air holes. The roots of the plant are then air pruned when the root tip becomes dehydrated. This causes the roots to branch off! With numerous small holes, the RootMaker container facilitates the repetition of this natural root process until branching roots creating a fibrous root system which has more root tips. RootMaker® Containers also have a root directing bottom, which avoids root circling. Create strong, healthy plants in your garden, nursery or hydroponic system! | DIMENSIONS: 15" at the top x 11.25 inches at the bottom x 9.5" H. | Volume (CF): .65 | 5 Gallon. Additional Sizes Available.