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Phresh Filter 4 in x 8 in 150 CFM

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This 4 in x 8 in 150CFM Phresh Filter™ is a state-of-the-art carbon filter that cleanses the air to make it clean of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and odors. Phresh Carbon Filters™ are half the weight, and last twice as long because they are made with the unique properties of a 6mm (1.8") RC-48 activated, certified virgin Australian activated carbon bed that is machine packed. These Phresh Filters also optimize air flow with a cone shaped internal base, an "Anti-air Bypass" system and 51% open air custom mesh. They are used in research labs, plant breeding, tissue culture, indoor gardening, backyard & commercial greenhouses for their total airstream filtration characteristics. Phresh Carbon Filters™ are professional-grade filter systems designed to meet the demands of serious hobbyist and commercial growers. Flange & prefilter are included. Additional Sizes Available always with low prices.