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GH WaterFarm 8/Pack Circulating Upgrade Kit

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Part Number: 706976
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The WaterFarm® 8 Pack Circulating Upgrade Kit contains everything needed to reconfigure an 8 Pack and add nutrient circulation capability to your existing system. This promotes even growth and more consistent results overall. Kit Includes: 9 1/2" Grommets, 15 1/2" Straight Barbed Fittings, 4 1/2" Elbow Barbed Fittings, Blue Tubing 1/2" x 8", Blue Tubing 1/2" x 9', Circulating pumping column, Air Hose 1/4" x 6', Single Output Air Pump, 13/16" Spade bit, and a 1/4" Drill bit. .