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Botanicare White Power Cloner 45 w/ Dome - 10 Gallon Reservoir

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Botanicare’s® Power Cloner models allow you to easily root and clone your favorite plants. Place any fruit, flower, herb, shrub, or tree cuttings in your Power Cloner and you’ll be amazed at the prolific roots initiated in only 5 - 10 days. Power Cloners initiate much larger cuttings than conventional methods, saving valuable gardening time. Power Cloners utilize the aeroponics method of rooting cuttings. Hardwood can take up to 30 days to initiate roots.

The Power Cloner’s high output pump and microjet sprayers deliver a highly oxygenated spray of water and rooting hormones to the stem of the cutting. The cuttings are mechanically supported by a flexible neoprene collar which holds the plant cutting in the Power Cloner while suspending the cutting stem in the nutrient reservoir. By eliminating the growing media and suspending the bare cutting, there is more surface area available for root initiation and growth. In addition, this increases the surface area in the root zone available for the absorption of atmospheric oxygen, dissolved oxygen and rooting hormones.
27” x 17.5” x 9.5”
45 plant sites
10 gallon reservoir
Recessed cord guide
High pressure sprayers
Ceramic air stones
Power Clone™ Solution
High-pressure submersible pump with 2 year manufacturer’s warranty