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Botanicare Black Power Cloner 180 - 40 Gallon Reservoir

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Utilize the aeroponic method with Botanicare Power Cloners. This product has been redesigned and improved to provide growers consistent, reliable production. Put any fruit, flower, herb, shrub, or tree cuttings in Power Cloner 180 and watch prolific roots develop in only a 5 to 10 day period. It has been made highly efficient by utilizing a high output pump and microjets to deliver a highly oxygenated rooting solution. Also redeveloped with new Botanicare low profile reservoirs, these systems decrease propagation time. Includes reservoir, Humidome, Recessed cord guide, Neoprene inserts, High pressure sprayers, Ceramic airstones, Power Clone Solution, AquaShield and ZHO. It has everything you need to produce a high plant yield. Additional sizes available