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Agrotech Magnum Double Ended Reflector

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Made specifically for double ended 1000 watt HPS horticulture lamps (not included). Features German made, UL listed double ended sockets. Unique double ended construction allows for maximum optical efficiency and uniformity. Full spectrum DE lamps used in this fixture focus on the red component for increased photosynthetic response. They offer improved PAR values and increased PAR/lumen maintenance (up to 90% PAR at 10,000 hours of operation). 95% reflective textured German aluminum for excellent reflectivity, output and diffusion. Oversized design is excellent for larger growing areas and closer placement to plant canopy. Sun System® detachable lamp cord is compatible with Sun System® Galaxy® and other electronic ballasts. Fixture easily assembles in minutes. It is lightweight and easy to install. Does not accept glass.Reflector Dimensions: 34.3L x 29.1W x 8.1H