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Root Containers, Root Guards, Plastic Grow Bags

Plastic grow bags are an inexpensive alternative to plastic or cloth pots. Plant your seedlings into these bags and allow them to advance in growth before transplanting.

Rooting Containers are specifically designed to facilitate extreme plant rooting. These pots promote roots with additional branches and more root fibers. This enables the plant to absorb much needed nutrients and water.

Rooting guards and neoprene inserts are very cost effective. They can block light from reaching the roots, keep water cooler and help prevent algae in reservoir water. All those things can be very detrimental to the health of your grow system.

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Plant Warrior Pot 3 Gallon
Gro Pro Root Master Pot 8 in
Gro Pro Root Master Pot 16 in
Gro Pro Root Master Pot 14 in
Plant Warrior Pot 2 Gallon
Plant Warrior Pot 1 Gallon
RootMaker Container 5 Gallon
RootMaker Container 3 Gallon
RootMaker Container 1 Gallon