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Powerbox DPC-15000TD-50A-4P (Plug & Play)

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Part Number: 702965
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This powerful outlet unit will help you make all the right connections. The Powerbox DPC-15000TD-50A-4P can effortlessly power ten 1000 Watt lights at 240 Volts in any horticultural system application. Contains ten timed 240 Volt outlets (6-15r) and five 120 Volt outlets (5-15r) with Plug and Play. The DPC-15000TD also has a special feature to protect the life of your bulbs during power failures; a digital timer with battery backup. All you have to do is dial-in a delay of 1 to 10 minutes before your lights will restart when power is restored after a power outage. Powerbox also included a GFCI main circuit breaker that provides 50 Amp or 60 Amp main capacity for ultimate protection. That will make it the perfect unit for all of the equipment in your horticultural system.