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  • Hydro-logic Flowmaster Low Flow Model 1/4 in

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    Hydro-logic Flowmaster Low Flow Model 1/4 in
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    Flowmaster - 1/4 in QC - gallonage & filter capacity monitor. Operates at flow rates between 0.01-0.5 GPM. Ultra low-flow model. Alerts you when it's time to change your filters. For Stealth RO™ or most RO systems with 1/4 in fittings.
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    Rating Got Exactly what I Ordered:)
    When buying things online we all wonder if it's legit. I personally have not dealt with GreenerHydroponics customer service as I don't need to. Which is a Good things...thank you for the one experience in my life where I don't need to follow up 3x to just receive a product. Everything came in perfect condition and showed up 2 days early. Actually they took their time and wrapped it and packaged it for shipping properly Extra bubble wrapping exedra little stuff count especially when you have a $800 RO water system that you just purchased. Now the Cost of this unit for the 800.00 WATER Filtration TO SYSTEM.!! Making sure everything I invest in is quality is the Steps I take to protect my investments. The unit that measures the amount of water passed thru my RO membranes and Filters Needs ro show up safely on time with no damage. Their prices are low to match your local market....I won't buy just cause they have a cheaper price but wanted to add that in.
    Reviewed by:  from Colorado. - 2/23/2018
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