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  5. Hydro Flow Tub Outlet Tee Fitting Replacement Nut (10/Bag)

Hydro Flow Tub Outlet Tee Fitting Replacement Nut (10/Bag)

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Part Number: 747188
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First of its kind 3/4 in Tub Outlet Tee fitting. Constructed of high quality impact resistant Food Grade plastic. This fitting uses tapered ends to help guide the hose onto the four barb securing points. It also incorporates Viton gaskets. Viton is a material that stands up to the most abusive chemicals and provides an exceptional seal. The fitting is secured by a custom designed nut, that mounts from the inside of the container, making for a clean finished look. Tired of leaking grommets? Hydro Flow® 3/4 in Tub Outlet Tee Fitting is your solution.