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Hortilux 250W Metal Halide Blue Agro Bulb

Part Number 901791
Hortilux 250W Metal Halide Blue Agro Bulb
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Hortilux MT250D/HOR/HTL
Revolutionizes lighting for plant growth!
Exclusive Iwasaki (EYE) chemistry provides levels of red, blue and green spectral energy to optimize plant growth and yield.
Designed to provide a fully balanced light spectrum that replicates natural sunlight.
Used professionally in plant physiological research, and biotechnology/pharmacology industries.

Wattage: 250W
Lumens: 18,000
Color Temp: 6500K
CRI: 90
Finish: Clear
Base: Mogul
Burn Position: Universal
Bulb Life: 10,000
L x W: 9 x 3 in

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