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  • Arborjet Aza Sol Single Pack

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    Arborjet Aza Sol Single Pack
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    Broad Spectrum insect control derived from the Botanical Plant Neem. This patented product, is the only Neem based insecticide that is a 100% Water Soluble Powder. AzaSol is an Anti-feedant, Repellent and Insect Growth Regulator. It can be used on indoor and outdoor plants, food crops, trees, shrubs and turf and it can be applied through spray, drench, injection and more. After application, there are Zero days to re-entry and Zero days to Harvest! Used For: Caterpillars, Whitefly, Mealy Bug, Aphids, Gnats, Psyllids, Borers, Scales, Turf Insects, Beetles, Weevils (including Palm), Leaf Miner and more.
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    Rating Rose Gardener
    So far, so good, using this to try to battle one of the worst bugs to ever hit a rose garden, the terrible "Rose Midge", which kills off tiny buds as they are forming, so you end up with no roses. I'm putting 1 tsp. in the tub of a hose end sprayer, setting it to put out as much water as it can, and I soak the plants and the ground around the plants, as the Rose Midge has a soil phase to its life cycle. I've seen just a bit of Midge damage so far this year, but nothing major so far. I'm doing an application today in fact. I've been trying to do it every 7 to 10 days. As the heat of the summer goes on, that is when the midge has historically gotten very bad. I'm hoping the AzaSol will do the job and prevent the midge from taking over. If it works, you will make many rose gardeners happy all over this country. The AzaSol is very easy to use, no smell, no burn on the leaves of the plant. Mixes into the water easily. So far, I'll give it a high rating. But will have to give another report end of July, or August, when the true test will come.
    Reviewed by:  from Wayne PA. - 6/1/2016
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