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Why We Are Here to Help You……….

Gardening is an endeavor that is both labor and cost intensive regardless if you are a hobbyist or a commercial grower. None of us want to waste time or money when purchasing our gardening necessities. Whether you chose to garden hydroponically or traditionally, we at Greener Hydroponics are consistently striving to provide the finest growing products at the best prices to our fellow gardeners. On our site you will find the leading manufacturers of growing products and can be assured you are purchasing a quality item that will serve your needs perfectly.

What We Have for You………….

The brand names that we carry are both synonymous with durability and excellent value. For example: If you need a submersible pump, we carry EcoPlus, Koralia, Little Giant, Maxi-Jet, and MagDrive . These pumps can push from 75 gallons per hour to 3250 gallons per hour. We carry the replacement filters and the shaft impellers too. We also have air systems, chillers/heaters, irrigation timers, and reservoir tanks to complete your hydroponic grow system.

For lighting needs we have florescent, magnetic (MH/HPS), LED products from Stealth Grow, AgroLED, HarvestPro, Galaxy, and Lumatek. If you need the cords, reflectors, or replacement ballasts for full spectrum lighting; we have it for you.

We can provide many types of growing media from coco tek, oasis root cube to organic growing media from FoxFarm, Dr. Earth, BotaniCare, and Sun Grow Horticulture. Check out the variety of grow trays, Power Cloners, vertical growing stands, and Pot Easy2Gro Kits. Nutrient and fertilizer products from Atami, Aurora, Budswel, Bushmaster, Diamond Back, Earth Juice, FloraDuo, Fox Farm, General Hydroponics, Happy Frog, Humbolt, Natures Necture, Open Sesame, and many more! All these products help multiplying your crop a snap.

Once the plants are up and growing we carry leaf shines/washes and pesticides (both organic and chemical) to keep those plants looking and growing their best! We carry water treatments, test meters, timers, reflective films, air filters, sprayers, hand tools, stakes, netting for all your growing needs. If you don’t see something you are looking for, please call us and we will try to help you find that item that you need.

What You Can Expect From Us………..

Once you find what you need, you can expect to receive you purchase quickly with our delivery guarantees. Distribution warehouses in York, PA, Detroit, MI, Crystal Lake, IL, Vancouver, WA, Samoa, CA, Livermore, CA, Ontario, CA, Denver, CO, Nashville, TN, Pompano Beach, FL ensure that your product can reach your front door quickly from one of these locations across the United States.

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